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Huge language learning giveaway!

January 23, 2014 | 4 comments | Category: book

This offer is expired, but thank you all for taking part and supporting my book launch!

Hello from JAPAN!! It’s been a long time coming, but language learning has finally brought me to this wonderful country, and I’m going to spend the next month exploring it :) I’ll give you my first update next week!

In the meantime, let me tell you about the world’s biggest language learning giveaway!


(Full details of this giveaway are here for US/Canada orders, and here for UK/International orders)

As many of you saw, on January 10th I announced that HarperCollins are going to publish “Fluent in 3 months” in March. Just hours after I made that announcement, the book made the top 200 slot of ALL books being sold on Amazon UK and the #1 slot in linguistics on Amazon US. Not bad for a book that was still two months away from being available. Thanks so much to all of you who made those pre-orders!

But we’re only getting started!

I have been in touch with many others who encourage language learning, as I do, and who have great stuff that can help you with your language learning challenges. Together, we are launching the world’s biggest language learning giveaway. This includes some of my own stuff, but a vast majority of it is some of the best language learning (and travel) material you can get, all of which I’ve managed to secure for you for incredible value!

All you have to do is pre-order several copies of the book (orders made before today count too of course!); show your pre-order screenshot or email receipt to Andrew (who is helping me process things, since I’m travelling all over Japan and may not even have Internet many days…), and we’ll set you up with what you need.

See the full list of what’s on offer for US/Canada orders here.

See the full list of what’s on offer for UK/rest of the world orders here.

Goodies include

  • LOTS of italki credits (get an instant private lesson over Skype with a native professional teacher);
  • premium access to Memrise;
  • exclusive group Q&A or even private Skyping with myself to ask me anything you like;
  • Scott Young’s courses on rapid learning and more
  • Nomadic Matt’s courses on travelling cheap and more
  • Jodi Ettinberg’s book on eating well on the road
  • My own Speak From Day One and Language Hacking digital course (if you already have it, please wait until tomorrow (Friday) and then log into your account for a different promo);
  • Chinese and Japanese specific help
  • Exclusive access to video interviews I’ve carried out in person with Youtube polyglots like Richard Simcott and Luca Lampariello (available February 11th)
  • A video where I give you a preview of what each chapter of the book is about (sent February 11th)
  • up to 55% off Collins language learning products and dictionaries (UK and international orders only – not for US/Canada orders),
  • and much much more!

You can also get extra content related to the book, like the many pages that had to be edited out for space constraints; expansions discussing what was introduced in the chapters; video and audio material; FAQs on each chapter; longer explanations of concepts introduced, and free digital updates for life of any changes or updates to the published book.

Rather than buy these extras separately, you get them absolutely free of charge if you buy several books through your favourite retailers! All you have to do is show Andrew,, the receipts (Sorry, this offer is expired!) (info of what to do, and the best way to buy is given on the giveaway page) and we’ll make sure you get each free option asap. Please note that several options won’t be available for a few weeks, but you’ll get a bunch of material, especially the many e-books mentioned, within a day or two.

If you have any questions, please email Andrew ( and he’ll get back to you within a few hours (or a few days if there is a huge burst of requests initially). You should also read the FAQ at the end of the promo page to be sure of what the deal is and isn’t.

Oh yes, and here is a video I’ve just made about the book:

(That’s for the UK version. US version video here)

See the full list of what’s on offer for US/Canada orders here.

See the full list of what’s on offer for UK/rest of the world orders here.

Definitely read the FAQ, for more info about how it works and why I’m doing this (if it were for the money, then it would be a terrible idea! It’s to spread language learning encouragement of course, in a unique way that I feel I can do through this traditional publishing medium), as well as the nitty gritty parts of it, and why you’d want to buy multiple copies of the same book.

Thank you so much to ALL of you who are helping me with this promo. If it goes well, it will allow me to get this book to MANY more people who can be inspired to finally learn a language that they’ve always wanted, and even be exposed to the idea of language learning even if they had never considered it before.

If you’ve found my words, blog posts, videos or anything else helpful or inspiring, then let me ask you this favour that you get a copy (or several) of the book, to help skyrocket it to take over the world and make a huge difference!

Thanks so much :)

Once again:

See the full list of what’s on offer for US/Canada orders here.

See the full list of what’s on offer for UK/rest of the world orders here.


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  • Patricklese

    I’m tempted to spend more money than I should buying several copies just for a chance to skype with you. You’re probably going to be spending more time on Skype than you anticipated ;)

    • Benny Lewis

      Don’t worry, I set aside loads of Skype time for everyone ;) Looking forward to talking with you, and thanks for buying multiple copies!

  • John Olala

    We’re waiting for your mission update video ;)

  • Jim Slaney

    What is several?