How to Speak Spanish in 4 Days


While you can’t master or reach fluency in a few days, you absolutely can start to speak a language in this time. I famously aim for Day 1 (or even hour one), but experience in doing it so often has given me a big edge. Passing the speaking barrier is one of the most important […]


How to Improve Your Listening Skills in a New Language


Listening comprehension has been one of the hardest skills for me to develop in language learning. It’s usually my worst result in a language exam (I recently struggled to make the grade with listening in a mock advanced French exam, and had similar issues in my real German and Spanish exams). That’s why I was happy to see from […]


How to Learn a Language While Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad Buddy Group

After I finished my university degree and moved to Spain, most of my initial friends there were not Spaniards but exchange students learning Spanish. Europe’s Erasmus programme brings together students who are interested in the cultural and language exchange options of spending one of their university years (usually the 3rd) in a foreign country. Similar […]


DuoLingo Review: The Quick, Easy and Free Way to Learn A Language


One of the most popular and well-known tools for learning a language online is DuoLingo. DuoLingo is completely free. But is it worth it, and how do you use it? To investigate, Agnieszka from 5-Minute Language shares her experience using DuoLingo to genuinely learn some languages. Over to you Agnieszka!   The free language learning […]


How to Use a Memory Palace to Boost Your Vocabulary


The clever use of mnemonics is something I talk about a lot when I try to get beginner language learners into acquiring new words quickly. It’s vastly superior to the “rote learning” technique we tend to use in school. That’s why I’m glad to have a post that takes this to a whole new level, […]


Learn to Speak Persian: Your Complete Guide


Not to be one to neglect languages that don’t get so much exposure (regardless of number of speakers), I wanted to invite someone to give us a detailed overview of Persian, how to learn it, and why it’s easier than you think it is.  So I invited Tom Allen of Tom’s Bike Trip to come to the […]


Learn Better Pronunciation While Speaking Your Native Language

Couple of friends talking at Sunset

I’ve written about what you can do if you are trying to practise a foreign language and the person you speak to wants to use English with you, and even what to do when they are really pushing it, but sometimes you can’t avoid having to speak English with someone who happens to speak a […]


Forget “learning a language.” Focus on forming the habit.


Meet Maneesh Sethi. Maneesh is a friend, an inventor, and a fellow language learner (he has been a DJ in Berlin, and spoken on stage in Italian, among other things) with a very particular passion… For years, he has been obsessed with solving the problem of maintaining motivation that we all face in trying to […]


8 Lessons Learned from Visiting Every Country in the World


One of the most popular posts on this blog is my 29 life lessons learned in travelling the world (for 8 years straight). I’ve personally been to a couple of dozen countries, but then there are people like my friend Chris Guillebeau. He has been to every single country on earth! I’ve met Chris on […]


What You Can Do With The Most Common 300 Words In A Foreign Language?

girl blowing on a dandelion

I met Frank, who runs Lingo Interactive, at the very start of this year’s US book tour after being in touch for a while via the blog. When he sent me this great guest post, the Spartan in me couldn’t resist running with it! It’s about picking essential words to learn at the beginning of […]


Tips for Learning Non-European Languages


Now that the summer has wrapped up, it’s time to dive back into language learning, and let’s start with some thoughts on non-European languages! For that, my hyperpolyglot friend Judith Meyer is back and has written up this excellent post for us. I met in Esperanto gatherings and always see her busy answering Quora questions, […]


Why learning in a group beats learning alone anytime (Case Studies)


As a fun change in pace, today we are sharing three stories from people who are in the middle of their 3-month language learning journeys. We’ll catch up with each of them in a month to see how they are doing First, I’ll hand the blog post over to Brian Kwong, who has orchestrated the Add1Challenge […]