Benny’s TEDx talk: Speak from Day One

If you’re a new reader here and would like the most concise version of my best advice to speak from day one, then this video is for you If you’re a long-term reader and have wondered who/what precisely inspired me to start on this road to become a polyglot some day, then you will see […]


How much time does it take to learn a language?


  One understandable misconception from people when they first arrive on this site is that I would think it takes exactly three months to learn a language. To me the question and answer “How long does it take to learn a language?” “X months/years/lifetimes” is ludicrous, as it leaves far too much undefined and only […]


Frequently asked questions for an experienced language learner


Last week I shared some FAQs for a long-term traveller, and taking a bunch of questions that readers have been sending me on Facebook, Google plus, twitter and the LHL email list, now I’ll discuss some language learning issues that people have been wondering about. Note that I discuss FAQs about the website and my […]


What will I talk about when my language level is so basic?


One of the biggest questions I get when I encourage people to just speak, no matter how bad your grammar is and how few words you know, is “What will I talk about?? They’ll just get bored and angry with me!” This attitude is quite strange because it presumes a level of rudeness of foreign […]


Why does the language have to be so weird?


This post was originally part of my introduction e-mails for the Language Hacking League (which you can sign up for on the right to get similar tips or links twice a month in your inbox after an introduction series). Considering how I use Turkish as an example (but you can apply this tip to all […]


Language Hacking tips for English speaking travellers (My TBEX talk)

Here it is! My first time ever speaking in front of such a large audience! The video is 30 minutes long and covers some tips and encouragement that I’ve mentioned on the blog at various times and which are covered in much more detail in the Language Hacking Guide of course. Since the audience was […]


Forgetting a language: Why it happens and how to avoid it


OK, so you have put in the time and can now speak a language at a confident level. But maybe the course that helped to get you there has ended, or your stay abroad is over and it’s time to go home. What do you do to make sure that you don’t forget that language? […]


How to think in a foreign language (it does NOT “just happen”)


This is a guest post by the author of Life by Experimentation, Zane, who quantifies the path to self-improvement.  He creates real-life experiments to assess everything from sleeping less to traveling cheaply in order to live a more productive and skillful life. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French and Arabic with varying degrees of fluency. […]