Spaced repetition: Never forget vocabulary ever again


Here’s a great method to make sure you remember vocabulary in future! The SRS (Spaced Repetition System) is a presentation method that gives you the information before you would forget it and makes sure that it stays constantly fresh in your mind. So, you might see a word a few minutes after the first time, […]


Busuu & LiveMocha: review of pros and cons

busuu LiveMocha

Over the last weeks, I have been attempting to learn German through various different interfaces. Some have been a huge improvement to how I learned previously, some can be helpful in particular ways, and some just aren’t for me at all. This post shares a little of my experience using both Busuu and LiveMocha. The […]


Honest & detailed review of the LingQ web-based learning system


Update: LingQ is a paid system, and as I say in this review the only part I found to be truly unique was the reading interface, which is still $120/year for the basic version. Luckily there is now an open source and totally free alternative that fixes many problems I discuss in this post, especially […]


How to make your computer multilingual


I’ve always said that total immersion and avoiding English are the key to learning a language quickly. However, even when living in the country, watching TV, socialising and doing everything else in the local language, you may still be exposed to too much English on your computer. And if you can’t travel yet to practise […]


Best free online dictionaries for translators and linguists


Sorry traditionalists, but printed dictionaries are on the way out! They are either too small to contain enough entries or too large for those of us that travel, as well as being too expensive. In the time it takes me to go get a big fat dictionary, and flick through the pages for a particular […]


The best online dictionary for learning any language: Google Image!

searching for the image of a term

There is a huge problem with almost every single dictionary you will come across. The translation is always wrong! Yep. Demand your money back! 😛 When you look up a word such as “voiture” from French, your dictionary may suggest “car”. But “voiture” doesn’t mean “car”. A “voiture” is “a wheeled motor vehicle used for […]