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The Cavan Fleadh: Irish music and culture festival [flashmob & music videos]

| 4 comments | Category: culture

While the role of a traveller is usually to investigate foreign cultures, in some cases we can actually find quite a lot right home. In August I went back to my home town, Cavan, in Ireland and found precisely that!

My home turned into a carnival of traditional Irish music and some dancing and even the Irish language, during the Fleadh festival [pronounced "flah"]. It was fun to see the streets I grew up in packed with visitors and those sharing their music with the world. Today I’d like to share some of that with you!

Irish dancing flashmob

This first video was of a flashmob of Irish dancing that took place in the main square. The first time it happened everyone was quite surprised – especially when even more joined in half way through, including my mother and two sisters!

It worked out so well that they decided to do it several times over the week. Even though it lost its surprise charm by then, they were dancing even better. I took a video several times and merged the different takes and angles together into this one video for you to see. Enjoy!

Singing and traditional music

This less organised video gathers a couple of other clips I got of the action around town, including the last scene of a street performance by my brother, brother in law, two sisters, and cousin.

General fun

I didn’t make this video myself, but I loved the editing job done by Chris Naish (who has performed with Riverdance for nine years) to gather the best parts of the week together, so it acts as a great overall summary. The same music from the flashmob is used in the background.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and checking out my hometown! Let me know what you think of it in the comments!


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  • Anna

    Awesome! If I end up in Ireland next summer I hope to take some Irish flute lessons and be awesome like Matt Molloy :-)

  • Randybvain

    Is maith liom!

  • Anonymous

    Hola. Amigo hay es una fiesta de Fleadh en la ciudad lo que vivo. No puedo esperar a ir. Mira –

  • Andrew

    Yup, spontaneous fun is almost always more fun than ‘planned’ fun, I find that to be true as well :)