El sábado sabedor: Flat tour & random items, MJ flashmob, interviews with Benny

Since I’m planning to be way more active on the blog from now on, I’m aiming to write three posts a week, sharing lots of interesting new ideas about travel/language hacking.

To help keep up the flow, my Saturday posts will be more general ones covering several different topics briefly, and sharing some links and videos that I found interesting or that are relevant to the Fluent in 3 months project.

I got the idea of Saturday posts from a good friend of mine Karol Gajda, who has a cool blog over at Ridiculously Extraordinary. He calls his “Sweet shit Saturday”, occasionally changing the title, so along the same lines I’ll rotate between various strange titles in other languages! Today’s one el sábado sabedor.

Crazy reasons why I travel with certain items

Have a look at this video tour of my apartment in Budapest:

It’s a nice place to live in, but since I made this very quickly (just in English this time) I’m sharing it with you for another reason. Can you answer the question Why do I always travel with hundreds of earplugs, a stethoscope, two leprechaun hats and a giant calculator?

These are not for the obvious reasons. As I said in the video, I don’t have problems sleeping and neither would my Couchsurfers – so that’s not why I have earplugs. I have a first-aid qualification, but I’m certainly not a doctor so saving lives is not why I need a stethoscope. There are different reasons I need each item.

Write a comment below to share what you think the reason is for any particular item. Even if you are wrong, I’m actually more interested in the funniest, craziest and most clever ideas for why I would need these items to enhance my travel and language learning experience. My favourite responses will be added to the shortlist in no particular order and selected using random.org to be absolutely fair. The winner gets a copy of the Language Hacking Guide (or if you already have one, then you get a free language coaching session).

Note: The competition is over, the winner was Sam! But feel free to invent new reasons in the comments below 😉

Try not to repeat an answer someone has already given, and make sure it’s interesting! Reasons why you need the guide will make no difference to the decision process, which will be entirely random after I select the best answers. I’ll write a post next week that reveals how these items have been very helpful. Edit: Here it is!

Interviews with Benny on the web

Authors of other websites have been getting in touch with me lately to interview me about my travels and language learning strategies. In these interviews I mention some important tricks that I haven’t covered on the blog yet! They also discuss the mentality I have while travelling. Check them out:

Never Ending Voyage: Nomadic interviews – Benny Lewis.  Erin & Simon have a great blog that details their travels and tips, and they have been breaking into the blogosphere in great style this year. They blog about location independent living and I especially like their tips on eating well as a vegetarian in tricky countries (since I’m one too). Their interview with me had the best questions of all interviews I have had so far, since they have been following my project closely and have read the Language Hacking Guide so know what I am really about.

Vagabonding: Case study – Benny Lewis. I’m a huge fan of Rolf Potts and his travel mentality. He is currently on an amazing journey trying to prove (over six entire weeks) that you can travel without any baggage at all with regular video updates. So I was honoured to be included in a case study on his site.

Niche Interview – Learn any language in three months. The other interviews above are actually text interviews, but this one is an hour of audio. I went into huge details regarding many aspects of my travels and language learning and answer specific questions I tend to get asked a lot (does speaking various languages help my love live, how and why do I choose my languages, and some important motivational ideas).

For video interviews with me, check out this previous post, or for an interview in Spanish (which was live on the radio to make sure I was under sufficient pressure) have a listen here (translation transcript included).

Michael Jackson’s “Bad” – flashmob in Budapest

I love flashmobs – one of my favourite ones was the pillow fight in Buenos Aires that I was a part of with over a thousand others. So, once I heard that they were doing one in Budapest to celebrate Michael Jackson’s birthday, I had to check it out!

I went to the final rehearsal to try to learn the dance, but since it was in Hungarian and I had only been exposed to the language for three weeks, it was too hard for me to follow the instructions – especially since they had been training for weeks already. Even so, I learned a couple of basic moves next time his music comes on at a disco!

Check out this video I made to document the actual flashmob itself in front of Budapest’s Basilica.

It reached several Youtube thousand views after just a couple of days, and even though I knew it was going to happen I got my own surprise when Wally/Waldo made a brief appearence!

Any thoughts on the flashmob, or the interviews? Write them below after your guess for why I have these strange accessories with me as I travel!



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