Achieving New Year’s Resolutions, my multilingual summer in Barcelona and welcome new readers!

This week I’ve got quite a lot of new readers on Fluent in 3 months, mostly from guest posting on other blogs. These posts themselves are something I’d like to share with all of you, so please go and check them out :)

While I’m at it, I’d like to welcome readers from those blogs here and I hope you’ll stick around and follow several language learning projects I have this year :)

My multilingual summer in Barcelona (

On my blog, I mostly talk about how to learn a language. I haven’t shared enough of what I actually get out of learning these languages, and this was pointed out to me by Gary Arndt from I travel all the time, but rarely share the amazing stories of all the cool things that have been happening to me.

So this year, I’ll be sharing more travel stories with my own particular twist of coming out on top thanks to learning the local language! I have many stories from recalling eight years of travel experience I have so far. Hopefully these will inspire people to try, beyond me constantly saying that anyone can. :)

I start off with the incredible experience I had learning Catalan and the first real attempt to maintain all my other languages, as I was living in Barcelona!

Gary and I met up in Thailand and at blogworld, and he even recorded a spontaneous video of me speaking a few languages.

Everything-everywhere readers may also be interested in other stories I’ve shared, like how I finally got over my bad blood with Parisians, or how I used technology to make sure I wasn’t refused entry to the states.

Simple guide to speaking foreign languages (

For those of you who would like the best overall summary of my language learning approach, you’ll find it in this post!

I met Leo also at blogworld and we shared a vegan burger together shortly after I arrived.

Zenhabits readers may be interested in how I look at “luck” and how I survive as a travelling vegetarian.

13 ways to actually stick to your resolutions in 2011 (

In this post I mention the best way to tackle any resolution, and separate them into my 13 most effective ones.

Sean and I hung out in Thailand, and I’ve mentioned him before a couple of times.

Ditch your resolution! It’s time for a language mission (

This is similar to the above post, but specifically just about reframing your language resolution to make sure you achieve it!

Khatz and I have been in touch for a while, and I interviewed him as part of the Language Hacking Guide. His approach is different to mine in many ways, but we agree on some crucial fundamentals that I’ll be getting into soon!

If you’ve enjoyed any of these posts, make sure to leave comments on those sites or here below :)


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