6 languages, 1 singer, 1 signer [video]

Now I can finally share this video with you – it combines clever ASL videos I keep seeing online that sign lyrics to songs (one example shared here), with my need to have the entire Internet hear me sing in as many languages as possible 😛

I give you, 6 languages, 1 singer, 1 signer: (or 7 languages including ASL)

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In this video I sing 6 songs that are among the most well known ones for the languages I know best, while simultaneously signing the lyrics using ASL! I also added subtitle translations so you can understand what the songs you have likely heard some time before are actually about!

This demonstrates what I was discussing earlier in the week about ASL being so visual. I decided not to simply sign the lyrics directly (so you will notice some disagreement with what I’m signing and what the English translation of the song says), but to try to visually represent the song as best as I could.

I made sure to do the audio completely separately, so that I wouldn’t need to think about singing during the video. This also meant that I could sign differently to the lyrics and not get confused with English (or foreign language) word order. Although since I had only put a total of about 2 weeks into ASL at the time of recording, there are likely several mistakes :)

Sandra, who was helping me with my ASL over the last 2 weeks, helped me prepare the signs. Hopefully I remembered most of what she taught me when recording the video!

The songs are (in the order they appear in the video):

  • La camisa negra – Juanes (A recent pop song that has become popular internationally) [Spanish]
  • Poupée de cire, poupée de son – France Gall (Belgian winner of the 1965 Eurovision song contest) [French]
  • Buachaill Ón Eirne – Corrs (They didn’t write the song, but it’s a good candidate for internationally recognised song in Irish since it’s on one of their albums) [Irish]
  • Nel blu dipinto di blu – Domenico Modugno (Also known as “Volare”) [Italian]
  • 99 Luftballons – Nena (Sorry for the obvious choice, but it is the most famous German song!) [German]
  • Aquarela do Brasil – Ary Barroso (A well known song when you think of Brazil. Donald Duck first got me interested in my favourite country using this song!) [Portuguese]

Nothing in English or Esperanto this time!

Many thanks to my cameraman Markus, walk-in and props Jenny and Audiologist (i.e. official music “play button” presser) Karol.

Since I think the video is quite unique, I hope you think it’s worth sharing with your friends! Even if you aren’t interested in ASL, it may be cool to discover (from the subtitles) what parts of those songs you know are about!

As always, I look forward to reading your comments (both here and on Youtube). This video wraps up my brief, yet (clearly) fun first encounter with ASL and I’ll be ready to introduce my next language mission here on Tuesday!



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