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Previous language missions on the blog

Coach monoglot to learn Esperanto in 6 weeks (May 2014) [result video]

Japanese in Spain (September 2013) [result video]

Get by in Polish in a couple of hours (March 2013) [result video]

Learn Egyptian Arabic in Brazil (September 2012) [result video]

My Polyglot summer (June 2012) [ASL, Irish, French result videos]

Mandarin mission (January 2012) [result video]

Quechua mission (November 2011) [result video]

Klingon mission (September 2011) [result video]

Turkish mission (June 2011) [result video]

Dutch mission (April 2011) [result video]

ASL mission (March 2011) [result video]

Tagalog mission (January 2011) [result video]

Any language, anywhere mission (October 2010) [how I did it]

Hungarian mission (July 2010) [result video]

German C2 exam mission (April 2010) [results of exam]

Get by with Thai mission (January 2010) [result video]

Become Brazilian mission (September 2009) [Rio accent post]

Czech mission (June 2009) [result video]

Travels before the blog:

2009: India

2008: Northeast of Brazil (Carnaval), Canary IslandsSlovakia, Nevada (Burning Man), San Francisco, Buenos Aires

2007: Italy, Montreal, Ireland, London

2006: Brazil, Barcelona, Salamanca

2005: Paris, Toulouse

2004: Valencia, Freiburg, Munich, Italy

2003: Valencia

2002: San Diego

2001: New York

(1982 –> July 2003: Ireland)