Guest Posting Guide

This is everything you need to know to write for the world's most popular language learning blog, Fluent in 3 Months.

We'll only look at your pitch if you follow these guidelines — so please read them in full. If we don’t get back to you, it’s because you’ve not followed the guidelines.

Here's What You Need to Know

  • We publish insanely useful language hacking tips that help our readers learn a new language fast.
  • Always read the blog before you pitch, especially previous guest posts. That way, you’ll learn about the types of article we’re looking for.
  • Fluent in 3 Months is the authority site in rapid language learning. We only accept original content. No reposts.
  • By submitting your article for publication, you are granting Fluent in 3 Months exclusive rights to your article. You are also consenting to your full article, or extracts from your article, appearing in other Fluent in 3 Months publications and products.
  • We reserve the right to include affiliate links in your post.
  • Always send a pitch first with an outline of your article. Never send a complete article.

How to Pitch Us

Your first step is to send us a pitch with an outline of your article.

Your pitch must:

  • Include a headline that grabs our attention.
  • Outline the main points of your proposed article. Bullet points are ideal for this.
  • Include a short biography and one or two links to previous articles you’ve written.
  • Include a personal photo or video illustrating your article (not required but highly encouraged).
  • Be sent to the email address below.

What Happens Next?

If your pitch is approved, you'll work with us in Google Docs to develop your article. Most guest authors are asked to do one or two rewrites.

Your post must:

  • Be written in markdown formatting.
  • Open with an attention-grabbing hook.
  • Be easy to read, and written in excellent English.
  • Be at least 1,500 words long.
  • Link to at least two posts already published on Fluent in 3 Months.
  • Include a short author biography of up to 20 words. We will ask for a headshot photo.

Please note that we don't allow promotional links in the copy (unless essential to the content), and have a no “do follow” link policy.

When Your Post is Published

Once your final draft has been approved, you'll be given a publish date.

On publish date, we ask that you:

  • Share your post across all of your social media channels
  • ‘Share now' from our Facebook Page (Note: this has organic reach power)

If you're unsure of the best way to promote your post, feel free to ask us any questions and we'll help!

This is because we want your post to have the biggest possible impact.

Ready? Send your pitch here:

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