Basic data:

Region: France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, North Africa and West Africa

Native Speakers: 76.8 million total speakers

Family:  Indo-European > Italic > Romance > Western Romance > Gallo-Romance > Oïl > French

Official language in 29 countries


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Getting Started with French

Puzzle with the national flag of great britain and france

4 Reasons French is Easy to Learn

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How to Speak French: The Faster Way to Learn French

French Phrases and Words

111 Core French Words — The Most Commonly Used Words in French

60+ Essential French Phrases for Beginners to Start Speaking Now

86 French Slang Words and Phrases so You’ll Fit Right in With the Locals

French Greetings

“Hello” in French – Plus 10 More Useful French Greetings

10 Ways to Say “Goodbye” in French

10 Ways to Say “How Are You?” in French (+ 10 Ways to Respond)

French Resources

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30+ Free Online French Classes and Resources (Only the Best!)

5 Brilliant Workouts to Flex Your French Writing Muscles

French songs

15 Popular French Songs to Help You Learn French Faster

French Alphabet, Spelling and Pronunciation

The French Alphabet: Why it’s Easier than You Think

French Pronunciation Guide: How to Sound More Like a Native French Speaker

French Pronunciation Guide: How to Sound More Like a Native French Speaker

Counting and Time in French

French Numbers: Counting in French from 1-100+

French Culture & Fun

“Merry Christmas” in French – How to Have a “Joyeux Noël” [In-Depth Guide]

Relationships & Feelings in French

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How to Say “My Love” in French (Plus 28 More Romantic French Words and Phrases)

Other Important Vocab in French

16 Different Ways to Say “Thank You” in French

17 Ways to Say “Yes” in French

French Grammar

French Accent Marks: The Ultimate Guide

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