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Language Hacking

Discover smarter, faster ways to learn a language with Benny Lewis, Shannon Kennedy & guests.

#140 | Peggy on “Little Victories”

Do old-school language learning methods still work in our technology-focused and app-driven world? Fluent in 3 Months student Peggy tackled this question while learning Spanish with us. She also discovered how to balance motivation and discipline through “little victories”.

#139 | Will Scott on Learning French Daily

"Before the Challenge I would have laughed if you told me I was going to study [French] every day for a week." This is what Fluent in 3 Months Challenge participant and French learner, Will Scott, shared. Discover how he found success with the language through fun and the support of a community.

Ask Benny: How Did the Korean Mission Go?

In this episode, Benny goes over his Korean mission and lists some of the best decisions he’s taken and the setbacks he’s encountered.He analyses the CEFR level he is at, outlines a plan to improve over the next weeks, and shares where he will travel to for the following months.

#138 | Anika on How to Learn Telugu

How do you learn to speak another language when there are little to no resources available for learners? Fluent in 3 Months student Anika took head-on as she learned Telugu with us. She shares how she taps into native resources with the help of native speakers and what to do when the spoken language you’re learning is different from its written language.

Ask Benny: Can I Learn a Language With My Partner?

Benny gives his opinion on learning a language with the help of your partner and why it can cause difficulties both to the language learning and the relationship itself.Instead, he suggests alternatives that would still allow your partner to help you practise the language indirectly!