headshot Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy

Language Hacking

Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy meet real-life language learners and discover smarter, faster ways to learn a language.

#096 | Fiona’s 90-Day Italian Challenge

Fluent in 3 Months Challenge winner, Fiona, joins Benny and Elizabeth to talk about her progress learning Italian, the myth of “natural talent”, and how excited she is to speak to family, friends and Italian locals without the need of a translator.

#095 | Jeremy Ginsburg on “Beginner’s Mind”

Business coach and self-proclaimed “VietNomad”, Jeremy Ginsbury, talks with Benny Lewis about his experiences living in Israel, Ghana and Vietnam, and being on reality TV in another language. Ready to get back into more serious language learning, Jeremy reflects on the bits and pieces of different languages he has picked up throughout his life, and […]

#094 | Sam on Comedy and Humor in Language Learning

Fluent in 3 Months Challenge participant, Sam, joins Shannon and Benny to talk about how the Challenge changed the way he learned languages, and helped him find consistency and discover new language learning methodologies.