Basic data:

Region: Korea

Native Speakers: 77.2 million total speakers

Family:  Koreanic > Korean

Official language in 3 countries


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Getting started with Korean

learn korean

How to Speak Korean – It’s Easier than You Think

How to Learn Korean Fast: The Faster Way to Speak Korean

Korean Phrases and Words

111 Core Korean Words — Basic Korean Words You Need to Learn First

30 Korean Phrases for Beginners and Travelers

Korean Phrases for beginners

67 Practical Korean Phrases to Ace Your First Korean Conversation

Korean Slang: 80+ Everyday Words and Phrases to Sound Like a Native

Korean Greetings

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Korean Greetings: 10+ Ways to Say “Hello” in Korean

Korean Resources

90 Day Korean Inner Circle: An In-Depth Review

The 7 Best Korean Translator Apps for Korean Learners

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35 Free Online Korean Language Classes and Resources

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How to Learn with Korean Songs: Learn Korean Through Music

Counting and Time in Korean

Easy Korean Numbers: Counting in Korean from 1 – 100+

Days of the Week in Korean: A Simple Guide

Korean Culture & Fun

Korean Culture: 47 Facts for Those Curious About the Korean People and Life in Korea

19 Amazing Korean Movies on Netflix

K-Dramas: The Best Korean Dramas to Learn Korean

15 Totally Addicting Korean TV Shows to Boost Your Language Skills

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Relationships & Feelings in Korean

How to Say “I Love You” in Korean – Get it Right First Time!

“Family” in Korean: Talking About Your Family in Korean

Korean Alphabet, Spelling and Pronunciation

How to Learn the Korean Alphabet and Write in Korean [Step-by-Step Guide]

Other Important Vocab in Korean

30 Must-Know Korean Honorifics to Show Respect in Korea

Learn How to Say “Thank You” in Korean (Master Your Manners)

How to Learn a Rainbow of Colors in Korean

“Food” in Korean: The Ultimate Guide to Korean Cuisine

“Cute” in Korean and 44 More “Aegyo” Korean Phrases

101 Must-Know Korean Verbs to Boost Your Vocabulary

Mianhaeyo! How to Say “Sorry” in Korean

Korean Grammar

Korean Particles Guide: How to Use Korean Particles [With Examples]

Korean Grammar for Beginners: An Easy Guide for Getting Started

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