Basic data:

Region: China, Taiwan, Singapore, and overseas communities

Native Speakers: 920 million total speakers

Family:  Sino-Tibetan > Sinitic > Mandarin

Official language in 3 countries


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Getting Started with Chinese

mandarin chinese is easy

How To Learn Mandarin Chinese Faster – It’s Easier Than You Think

Chinese Phrases and Words

110 Useful Chinese Phrases to Have Your First Conversation

121 Core Chinese Words — The Most Commonly Used Words in Mandarin Chinese

108 Basic Chinese Words: Essential Chinese Vocab for Beginners

Chinese Greetings

Hello in Chinese – 25+ Chinese Greetings to Sound Like a Native

The 15 Most Common Ways to Say Goodbye in Chinese

Chinese Resources

Review of Chinesepod & chat with co-host Jenny

Yoyo Chinese Review: Learn Conversational Chinese

33 Free Online Chinese Language Lessons and Resources

10 Best Chinese Online Dictionaries

Counting in Chinese

Chinese Numbers: Your Go-to Guide for Counting in Chinese from 0 to 100+

Chinese Culture & Fun

The Profound and Hilarious Wisdom of Chinese Sayings

55 Chinese Proverbs, Sayings and Quotes

15 Chinese Cartoons That Will Help You Learn Mandarin (Not Only for Children)

15 Ways to Wish Someone “Happy New Year” in Chinese

Relationships & Feelings in Chinese

How to Say “I Love You” in Chinese (Get it Right the First Time!)

How to Say “Family” in Chinese: An Ultimate Guide to Family in Chinese Culture

Other Important Chinese Vocab

How to Order Chinese Food in an Authentic Chinese Restaurant: 40+ Chinese Words and Phrases (Plus Eating Etiquette)

Chinese Writing, Characters, and Pronunciation

Chinese Characters: They’re Not as Hard as You Think

How to Learn and Memorize Simplified Chinese Characters: A Guide for Beginners

How to Read Chinese and Make Mandarin Characters Less Confusing [In-depth Guide]

Why Chinese is Easy: The Smart Way to Learn Chinese Tones

Why Chinese is Easy: The Smart Way to Learn Chinese Tones

A Beginner's Guide to Chinese Dialects

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