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Interview with DuoLingo (and Captcha) creator Luis Von Ahn, in Spanish (with Eng/Spa subtitles)

| 3 comments | Category: particular languages, Tool and Resources

Make sure to enable subtitles on this video with Youtube’s captions button. They are in both original Spanish and in English.

If you are learning Spanish try to watch them without subtitles, or just with the Spanish subtitles enabled. Luis is from Guatemala and speaks a very clear and easy to understand Spanish.

Luis and I got in touch and I invited him to sit down with me over Skype and talk about the new language learning system that had a lot of buzz about it over the summer, and that he introduced to us in a TED talk (in English and in Spanish). You can also read a detailed review of the system in a blog post here.

Sorry my side of the video isn’t included – I had a few technical problems during the call. All my audio is there and all of Luis’ side of the video too.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you were curious about DuoLingo I hope Luis’ answers clear up a few questions! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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  • SusannaZaraysky

    Thanks for asking my question about when the Portuguese service will be available.

    • Benny Lewis

      I also brought up your question about having your book translated – but a technical error cut out my question. Luckily you would hear his answer, saying that the option to upload content is not available right now, as they need to set up filters to ensure content is PG. In a few months, that option will be there though.

  • Mira

    Duolingo seems to be blocked in mainland China… I have been trying to access it but it won’t load. Does anybody else have this problem, or is it just my computer? Why on earth would it be blocked?