Language Learning Reviews – How We Rate Language Courses

At Fluent in 3 Months, our mission is to help you learn a new language faster and smarter.

That’s why we help you find the best language learning resources with our in-depth reviews from language learners.

When we review a language course, we want to see how it really works for language learners who want to speak their new language in real conversations.

We don’t just glance at the course contents, or summarise other reviews. We spend hours with every product we review, often weeks or months, to see if it delivers on its promises.

What’s more, all our reviewers are experienced language learners who know exactly what it takes to learn a language. We ask every reviewer to state in their review their language learning experience, and how they used the product that they’re reviewing.

Now, let’s get into our rating system.

The Fluent in 3 Months Language Course Rating System

Here’s how our rating system works:

5 ☆ – Excellent (Best in Class)

Jackpot! This is either a trailblazing course with a completely new and effective method or one of the best courses around for the skill it teaches. It can still have imperfections, but this doesn't detract from it being a standout resource.

4.5 ☆ – Very Good (Highly Recommended)

We really like this course and think it has a lot to offer for the learners it targets. We see this course as a particularly smart use of a language learner's time.

4 ☆ – Good (Recommended)

You’ve found a good one! This product will be useful to most language learners. It does have some flaws, but the good far outweighs the bad. We recommend it as a good use of time for the language learners it targets.

We will usually include recommendations of other products to complement this one.

3 ☆ – Average/mediocre (Not Particularly Recommended)

This product is not all bad, but we don't find it particularly good either. There are many better courses out there. Check the 4 ☆ and up products, for example.

2 ☆ – Poor (Not Recommended)

This product may suit a tiny percent of language learners in very specific circumstances. However, we believe there are much better alternatives.

1 ☆ – Terrible (Not Recommended)

Run. Avoid this product at all costs.

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