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Language Tips for Business Travellers. Speaking to clients, prospects or business partners in their own language wins you respect and appreciation. I'll reveal the words and phrases you should focus on learning so your language skills have the maximum impact in your business life.

No Plane Ticket Needed. You can become fluent in any language from the comfort of your armchair. In this talk, I'll show you what you need to do to learn a language without leaving home.

Authentic Travel Experiences. After travelling the world non-stop for over a decade, I'm an expert at blending in and seeking out the hidden gems in a city. I'll arm you with proven strategies you can use to transform your travel experience beyond that of a superficial glimpse to a truly unique connection with the local culture.

The Myth of “Natural Talent”. Whatever barriers you believe are holding you back from learning a new language, I will break them down and empower you to start on a realistic and goal-oriented language learning project.

Rapid Learning Techniques. We live in a constantly changing world, which makes the ability to pick up new skills fast an essential skill. I'll reveal the hacks I use to learn languages faster and smarter, and show you how to apply my approach to any new skill.

Transform Your Career with Language Learning. Becoming multilingual can make you more capable in your field, and it can open entirely unexpected doors. In this talk, I share the unexpected ways that my career prospects – and later my entire life – were transformed by a simple decision to start learning new languages.

International Leadership. In my business, I lead an international team, and I've learned how to get the best out of every team member. In this presentation, I'll show you the leadership skills you need to be an effective international leader.

“Benny rocks! I had to learn Tagalog in a handful of days, well enough for a live TV interview. I asked Benny for help, and his advice was invaluable. The interview was a huge success.”

– Tim Ferriss

“Benny was enormously helpful in planning my year without English, especially in Spain. He has a lot of practical experience dealing with language learning from the learner's perspective. That means he knows what it's like to learn a new language and can deal with many of the practical challenges that come up. I'm confident I never would have attempted this project without Benny's help!”

– Scott Young

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