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Get feedback on your language course from a professional team of language learners at Fluent in Months.

Fluent in 3 Months is the world's #1 language learning blog, led by the Irish Polyglot Benny Lewis and a team of communication and language pros.

As a business, selling language courses is how we earn our living. So we've got extensive experience creating, launching and selling language courses.

Would you like professional feedback on your language course?

We know what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to language courses. And we're often asked to give guidance on this.

We now offer a range of feedback packages for language course creators:

Basic Feedback. We'll spend up to two hours testing your product, and we'll give you a 1-2 page summary on what works and what you can improve.
In-depth feedback. We'll spent up to five hours testing your product, and we'll give you a 20-30 minute video overview of how your product can be improved.
Feedback and sales consulting. This includes the full in-depth feedback package, plus a teardown of your sales page, with ideas to help you improve sales.

For prices, please contact with details of your course.

If your course is language-specific (for example, a Spanish course), where possible we'll allocate a team member who already speaks that language to test your courses.

Note: All feedback provided is for private use only, copyright to Fluent in 3 Months, and should not be published in full or in part anywhere.

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