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Thanks for going through the payment process! I'll see a message in my inbox to confirm that you have sent that payment and will be waiting for an email from you 🙂

[ Please note that there is a no-refund policy on consultation calls after we have had the call. If you change your mind before our call and decide not to go ahead with it, then simply email me and I can cancel the payment no problem. This cancellation refund policy only applies for up to 12 hours before our call. ]

Just two steps left now!

1. Please go here to access my Scheduleonce page, which is updated daily and automatically based on my Google Calendar. On this page, pick a time for our chat that suits you best.

I use this site because it handles time-zone differences the most efficiently. My availabilities based on your time zone should display automatically, and I'll see them based on my time zone when you submit.

In the top-left you will see the duration of our call. Based on what you paid, you get 30 minutes, so please select this option, or reduce it if you think you need less time. Then after selecting a particular day, you will see the times (local time for you in 24 hour system) and you can tick the starting time that works best for you.

Please select several different time slots that suit you if possible as I can't guarantee I'll be available for every indication shown. I keep this availability calendar as up-to-date as possible, as it sychronizes with my Google Calendar, but of course sometimes I forget to add in appointments. Don't worry though, because if that is the case, I will update the calendar and get back to you immediately to submit your availabilities again. Anyway, here is the link to add that in!

Benny's consultation call availability

2. Please send an email to benny@irishpolyglot.com (with any attachments if relevant), and write me details of precisely what you would like to discuss with me. If the email address you use is different to the one associated with your paypal account/payment please mention that email address in your message so that I can confirm your payment.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

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