#001 | Scott Young on Learning Four Languages in One Year

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Scott Young shares his experience going a year without English and why immersion is the path to least resistance in language learning in this episode of The Language Hacking Podcast. Benny and Shannon also ask Scott about ultralearning and how it relates to language learning. 

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Episode Overview

  • What is ultralearning?
  • The effectiveness of total immersion
  • How to gain language proficiency quickly
  • Learning through social interaction
  • How did you approach languages with different writing systems and more distance from your native language?
  • How do you get to a level where you can give presentations in a language?
  • Why other people switching to English doesn’t happen as often as you worry it will and how to keep the conversation in the language you’re learning if it does
  • The importance of immersion and why it removes anxiety around speaking a language
  • How to maintain your motivation for language learning
  • How to prioritize what you work on 
  • How to approach language learning for an exam
Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy

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