#135 | Azren on Going from Window Cleaner to Language Teacher

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How can you find good resources to learn uncommon or less popular languages?

Azren grew up multilingual and made a career out of his passion for languages. He currently speaks English, French, Spanish, Gujarati, and Mandarin, but his online tutoring business covers 11 more… Some of which are not widely spoken worldwide.

In his interview with Benny, Azren explains how he went from working for a window-cleaning franchise during his university studies to developing his own language-tutoring team. He goes into details about how he carefully selected tutors over the course of several years, and how he maintains the same patient rhythm to constantly grow his business by organically recruiting team-members to cover new languages.

Then the conversation moves on to a pain point for minority language learners: finding resources, either digitally or physically, a struggle which Azren has learned.

From intensive learner to intensive learner, Azren and Benny discuss Azren’s methods to do full immersion, talk about how he stumbled upon the online polyglot community, how it helped him to grow as a language learner, and how it has impacted his teaching style.

(PS: If you’re struggling to get out of an intermediate plateau, Azren has some must-hear advice for you!)

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