#136 | “Grammar Girl” Mignon Fogarty on How to Make Grammar Less Boring

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How can you make grammar “less boring” to learn?

Mignon Fogarty, founder of the platform Quick and Dirty Tips and of the beloved Grammar Girl podcast, comes onto the Language Hacking podcast to help answer this question. She tells Benny how Grammar Girl was born from having to look up grammar rules often as part of her job, and how she grew her podcast into a successful business.

Mignon then explains how language evolution tends to emerge primarily from younger people, hence why using social media to stay on top of grammar evolution is completely valid! She and Benny discuss changes in the English language, including the emotional weight of punctuation online, and how social media can be the number one resource for fun language facts.

(PS: Listen to this episode if you wonder what kind of experience in life you need to become a polyglot. Benny explains how his background in engineering helps him face language learning in a more productive way.)

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