#026 | Jonathan Huggins on the “One Method” Strategy

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Jonathan Huggins first discovered his love for learning languages when he started diving into his father’s language learning library. That passion brought him to France to study music and continues to be a part of his life as he teaches English online while living abroad and raising his kids to speak multiple languages.

In this episode, we chat with Jonathan about why classroom learning worked for him, how to learn languages in the age of distraction, and how to create sustainable language routines.

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Episode Overview

Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:

  • How he excelled at classroom learning
  • Learning in the age of distraction
  • Sticking to one method and system
  • Raising multilingual children
  • Studying music abroad and in another language
  • Creating sustainable language routines
  • Recommendations for the first few months of language learning
  • Common misconceptions and stereotypes about language learning
  • Parallels between learning languages and learning music
  • Using Instagram and social media to learn languages

Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy

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