#027 | Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle on Mindfulness in Language Learning

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Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle of French Sunnyside teaches mindfulness to language learners. She helps learners discover their authentic selves through self-awareness, journaling, and other coaching techniques.

In this episode, Jessica shares how to be more mindful in language learning and improve your self-awareness, how to create a new identity in another language, and tips for journaling in another language.

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Episode Overview

Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:

  • Blending mindfulness, self-awareness, and languages
  • Discovering yourself through the language
  • Creating a new identity in a different language
  • Overcoming fear using mindfulness
  • Importance of knowing your why and how it’s particular helpful when you hit the intermediate plateau
  • Journaling in a foreign language
  • Going on retreats in a foreign language
  • How to help language learners work through personal stories and open themselves up

Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy

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