#034 | Being a third culture kid and learning multiple languages at once with Lindie Botes

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In this episode, Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy have a conversation with Lindie Botes about learning multiple languages, growing up as a third culture kid, and what it’s like growing up bilingual. In our chat with Lindie, we discuss transitioning from language learner to language mentor, gaining the confidence you need to put yourself out there, and different systems and processes for keeping track of your language learning.

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Episode Overview

Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:
  • Transitioning from language learner to language mentor
  • Gaining the confidence to put yourself out there as a language learner
  • How to deal with criticism and ignore trolls as a polyglot YouTuber
  • Getting inspiration from a parent language learner
  • Being a “third culture kid”
  • How a polyglot chooses the languages they learn
  • Learning Japanese from Korean with language laddering
  • Learning multiple languages at once
  • How to learn other writing systems
  • Systems and processes for keeping track of your language progress
  • How design influences Lindie’s language learning
  • How the online language community has influenced Lindie
  • Growing up bilingual and whether or not it gives you an advantage learning other languages
  • Do you have a different personality in different languages?
  • Journaling in another language
Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy

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