#004 | Shannon Kennedy on Musicianship, Shyness and Scripting in Language Learning

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Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy interview Paulette, an “ordinary” yet extra-ordinary language learner who is an avid language learner and cancer survivor who has incredible insights and tips on self-compassion.

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Episode Overview

  • How Shannon went from music to languages and how she connects them
  • What skills in learning music she has been able to transfer over to language learning
  • Language journalling
  • How foreign languages help you become a better musician
  • How to get comfortable speaking languages as a shy introvert
  • Scripting
  • How to use language islands to steer conversations into topics you’re comfortable with
  • How to pick up language learning after a break
  • Time management and energy management strategies
  • Tips for raising multilingual kids

Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy

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