#078 | Christmas Special: Top Gifts for Language Learners

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Benny, Elizabeth, and team members from Fluent in 3 Months share their favourite gifts for language learners. Use this to get ideas for your festive shopping this year, or pass this wishlist on to your friends, family, and Santa Claus!

Whether you’re thinking about what to buy or what you’d like to receive, this episode is packed with ideas that will help make this a perfect polyglot Christmas. We’ve got suggestions for all budgets, all language levels, and all ages, so you’re bound to find something that will put a smile on a language learner’s face this festive season.

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Episode Overview

Some of the gift ideas mentioned during the episode are:

  • A bullet journal, colourful pens, and sticky notes
  • A ringbinder, plastic pockets, paper, and hole puncher
  • Books, and graphic novels
  • The Harry Potter series, Marc Levy, and Edward Rutherford books
  • Recipe books, and cooking a traditional Christmas dish
  • A magazine subscription
  • Making a playlist of target language songs
  • Giving someone the gift of time so they can study
  • A board game, and children’s activity books
  • Gift cards for books or online lessons, and coupons for tech support
  • Keyboard cover/skin, and wireless or waterproof headphones

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