#081 | Carine Lemaire on Fearless Language Practice

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Language coach and French teacher, Carine Lemaire, shares about her experience growing up trilingual, being a language learner with ADHD, watching 300 hours of TV, and the pitfalls of language apps.

Carine’s approach to teaching is very student-led, and she has a great understanding of how important it is to learn in a way that suits you and your personality. She talks about how her ADHD impacts her study routine, and ways to manage “type A” students’ expectations.

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Episode Overview

Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:

  • Growing up trilingual (French, Italian and Swahili), and losing a language when you stop practising it
  • David Bowie and other British music as a motivation to learn English
  • Pros and cons of teaching groups and one-to-one
  • How to solve language learning “emergencies”
  • Watching 300 hours of TV to improve listening skills
  • The importance of trust between teacher and student
  • How to learn languages as a “type A” person
  • Benny’s daily language learning routine (or lack thereof)
  • Working with, and around, ADHD
  • The pitfalls of gamified learning apps
  • Becoming a writer in a non-native language, and learning by making mistakes
  • Differences between French in France and Belgium
  • Carine’s French Chatter podcast, and learning from intermediate French speakers
  • Persistence, variety, and being fearless in your language practice

Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy