#095 | Jeremy Ginsburg on “Beginner’s Mind”

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Business coach and self-proclaimed “VietNomad”, Jeremy Ginsbury, talks with Benny Lewis about his experiences living in Israel, Ghana and Vietnam, and being on reality TV in another language.

Ready to get back into more serious language learning, Jeremy reflects on the bits and pieces of different languages he has picked up throughout his life, and how the positive feedback he has received by locals has been a great source of motivation.

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Episode Overview

Some of the topics discussed in the interview are:

  • The impact of using the foreign version of your name when travelling
  • Studying abroad in Israel and Ghana
  • Facing depression when living and working abroad
  • Ways personalities change in different languages and countries
  • “Beginner’s mind” and the power of naivety
  • Failing fast and failing often
  • Knowing yourself being very important for learning
  • Jeremy’s experience on a Vietnamese reality TV show
  • Integrating your interests into your language learning – yoga, music, ice bathing
  • Using communities you’re part of through hobbies, as a way to practise language

Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy