Ask Benny: Geoguessr, Geography, country studies (How Benny relaxes)

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In this festive episode of the Language Hacking Podcast, Benny Lewis brings a unique twist, stepping away from traditional language learning to share an exhilarating passion – geography. As the world celebrates Christmas, Benny takes you on an exciting journey into his downtime adventures, fueled by a fascination with countries, capitals, and flags. Forget stamp collecting or video games – Benny introduces you to the thrill of Geoguesser, a game that transports you to random locations worldwide through Google Street View, challenging you to guess your whereabouts.

Join Benny on his live-streamed Geoguesser sessions on Twitch, where he not only unravels the mysteries of diverse locations but also showcases his knack for identifying language signs and cultural nuances. Dive into Benny's world of virtual travel, where every street sign, script, and cultural cue becomes a clue to unravel the geographical puzzle. Feel the excitement as Benny shares how he enhances his global awareness through Anki decks and various online resources.

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