How I Travel Without Breaking The Bank – Free Webinar 

Earn money on the move, find cheap flights and learn travel hacking

Nearly 10 years ago I was named National Geographic traveler of the year. Now, after years of living in the USA, I’m traveling the world with my backpack again.

In this webinar, I show you how you can live a life of adventure, freedom and financial security.

I give you insights into how to travel the world on a budget, work remotely, and learn languages from scratch.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in the webinar:

  • The 10+ jobs I've had while traveling the world
  • How to work while you travel
  • How to tap into an “underground network” of overseas jobs that anyone can apply for
  • My method to “make your own job” so you'll have the financial security and freedom to travel for life
  • How to minimize the cost of travel
  • Where to find cheap flights
  • Tips for using trains and buses when you travel – and how to book cheap tickets
  • My low-cost accommodation hacks 
  • How I built an online business that funds my travels – and how you can do the same
  • How to practice your target language with the locals while you travel
  • “Done for you” solutions to earn while you travel – I introduce you to Global Work & Travel

Watch the full webinar here:

Quick links to find what you want in the webinar:

Global Work and Travel
02:15 – Start of presentation
06:00 – Benny's Story
07:58 – Traveling Hacks
08:20 – Reducing Expenses
08:30 – Finding cheap flights
15:08 – Finding cheap accommodation
20:04 – Points and Miles (reward schemes from credit cards)
25:57 – Internationally Friendly ATM card
27:43 – More expenses reduction tips
29:50 – Practise your language learning with locals
36:30 – Making Money while Travelling
36:34 – Positions that Benny has had
42:25 – Positions held during budget travels
45:39 – Ideas and Advice – Traveling Careers
53:28 – Global Work and Travel
56:50 – Q and A