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Please read these instructions relevant to the theme of your message carefully before emailing me!

I read every single email sent to me, but due to the volume of messages I get, I simply cannot reply to everyone, although I try my best to!

Look through the contact links below and message me using the form relevant to your question. The e-mail will be sent fine, and I will read it (I promise), even if I don’t end up replying. So please don’t remind me that you have sent it on Twitter/Facebook/the Forum or by sending it again, unless it’s genuinely urgent. Also, if there is no form under the option you select below, please do not use another form if your question was already addressed.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



  • Due to the large time-demands required simply to run this website, I have to restrict my Skyping/telephone sessions to be paid-only. I focus on speaking one-on-one with professional organizations, entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and bloggers. See more details about how to talk with me directly here.
  • Individual language learners: Rather than Skyping me (which is a service more suited to businesses due to its much higher price tag) you’ll get more out of Fluent in 3 Months PREMIUM, which will give you all my thoughts on language learning and allow you to access years of my experience through videos, ebooks, audio interviews and more.



  • If you have a question about my travels, I wrote up an FAQ page about the main travel questions I get asked. Also, you can use the search tool to the right to search my website for lots of information! It’s Google powered and searches the entire site.
  • If your question is a general language learning question like How do you learn so many languages? How can I too? What’s your secret? What are the best ideas for me to learn Spanish/French? then I probably can’t give you an answer that will fit inside of an e-mail, since it’s a complex process! However I did write an entire book on the subject (US version here, UK version here). Otherwise, please read a few of my blog posts, or watch my TEDx talk and you’ll get the basic idea of the core principles behind my method.
  • If after all that, you still have questions about language learning, it’s best to use the site’s forum, which is an active and supportive community where someone will answer your question much faster than I could. Very active members of the forum know exactly what I would say for pretty much any possible language learning question you could ask, as they’ve been commenting on the site and reading all my posts for years. I also reply to threads there regularly myself.



If you can’t find the answer to your question by searching the site, reading my book, or asking in the forums, then why not contact Fi3M’s full-time language encourager, Brandon! He’s happy to answer any questions you may have!

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  • If you want to send me a Search Engine Optimization sales pitch to “get me on the first page of Google” or any other promotion request template obviously copied and pasted to many people, please skip this site. I’m not interested, so please don’t waste your time. And I also add those emails to Gmail’s spam database, which will work against you when emailing other people who would be interested.



  • You will notice that there are no ads on this site. If you want yours here, I charge a modest once-off fee of seventeen million dollars per ad, which of course nobody has ever offered me, so my site continues to be clean and spam-free.



  • I’m happy to promote apps, resources and links that I like or find genuinely useful. If you want me to promote an interesting link with my readers, it’s better to @ me with it on twitter, because I check out links when I’m on twitter, not when I’m processing emails. I can’t guarantee a retweet or mention on my blog, but I will check it out if you tweet me. Please don’t drop links on my Facebook page, as I consider that spammy.
  • If you want me to promote your site or product in a dedicated post on Fluent in 3 months, this sounds like an advertisement, so please see my fee under Advertisers above!
  • Want me to review your app or other product? I am happy to do this directly with you during a consultation call. These calls won’t lead to exposure for your product on the blog though and are not a prequel to getting a dedicated blog post.
  • Want to do a link exchange? I am not doing that right now, sorry! Please don’t ask.



Very different to promoting your own product/service – I love sharing the coolest language learning news and (free) resources with the world, via social media and my email list. Brandon, the full-time language encourager, investigates every link sent his way and summarizes his top picks for me to share each week.

To send him something you think hundreds of thousands of language learners would love to check out, use the “I NEED LANGUAGE LEARNING ENCOURAGEMENT!” option above, or tweet Brandon your link @fluentin3months.



  • If you are a PR agent working for some huge company that wants links for SEO purposes, or who vaguely offers to “write whatever I want,” then please don’t email me because it’s spammy and terrible for your karma.
  • If you want to guest post for the sole purposes of promoting your product or service then I can save you time by telling you that I do not accept such guest post requests. No matter how great the product is, this is just not something I host on my blog.



  • I am happy to accept ideas for interesting or helpful guest posts related to unique ideas surrounding language learning! I almost exclusively accept posts from independent language learners with a specific message for a unique story or language learning idea to share. If that is you, then read this guest posting guide and follow what it says. Please ask yourself if your idea would jive. If you don’t receive a reply, then unfortunately it wasn’t a match.
  • Please understand that I have to turn down the majority of requests I get and don’t get offended if you don’t hear back from me. It’s not personal.



  • If you are having trouble logging into your LWT, Fluentin3Months Forum, Fluent in 3 Months PLUS or PREMIUM account(s), please use this form to contact us!
  • Before you message me though, please check your email spam filter to see if your sign-up email is there!
  • Also use this form for refund requests, and any other technical issue related to my sites.

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  • Do you want to know where I am or where I will be soon? Follow along with my book tour of the UK, Ireland, US and Canada, and sign up to any of the meetings to come hang out and practice your languages!
  • Want free translations to Irish/Gaeilge? Oddly enough, I get way too many emails like this. Unfortunately, I really don’t have the time to translate your Irish phrase requests – but you can use this free forum to make your request instead, or look up the words instantly on this dictionary.
  • Want to suggest a language to me? Please don’t. I get several e-mails every day with suggestions about the thousands of incredible languages out there that I could learn, but I choose my languages in a very particular way. I’m also taking a break from learning new languages this year so that I can improve my current ones.
  • Do you have a comment based on a blog post I wrote? Please write those comments on that blog post rather than emailing me (I will see it there, I promise)! The comments form is at the bottom of the post. Likewise, for comments on particular videos I’ve recorded, please write them on Youtube’s comment form.
  • If you have a success story to share, leave a comment on this blog post, or in the forum here.
  • Any other questions not covered by the points on this page? Feel free to use the form below! I read every single email that comes my way, but unfortunately I can’t reply to all.

You can write your email in any language you like if it’s among those I speak (indicated by the flags on the right of this site). Just please stick to one language in your email, preferably your native language (including English of course). I find it weird when people write one email in a bunch of languages.

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What language do they speak in France? 



  • If you want to help out in some way, the best thing you can do is to share your favourite videos and blog posts with your friends, on your Facebook wall, or on your own site. I really appreciate it!
  • If you’d like to support the work I’m doing here in other ways, you can grab a copy my book Fluent in 3 Months. Just click the book icon on the top-right of the site for details!
  • ALL other messages – especially those of encouragement, thanks, and other positivity – are very welcome! Despite this incredibly intimidating contact-me page, I do very much enjoy getting your emails and love reading your stories! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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