Benny’s TEDx talk: Speak from Day One

If you’re a new reader here and would like the most concise version of my best advice to speak from day one, then this video is for you :)

If you’re a long-term reader and have wondered who/what precisely inspired me to start on this road to become a polyglot some day, then you will see me finally share that story in this video.

Although this was only the second time (hopefully of many) in my entire life that I’ve spoken publicly in front of a decent sized audience (the first being at TBEX), a combination of several camera men, a decent microphone and a cool audience made me look like I didn’t hurriedly prepare the speech the night before, and I think I actually managed to convey the speak from day one message pretty well!

Speaking at a TED associated event has been something I never even dreamt possible, but I was hoping to some day. You may remember that I asked for some help from my site readers (as a birthday present) to vote for me to speak at SxSW (an event in Austin in March)? In the end, they weren’t interested despite the many votes (probably for the best as that would have made it impossible to have 3 uninterrupted months to devote to Mandarin), but the real reason I wanted to speak there was to build up my speaking resume to maybe be considered by a TEDx event some day.

Luckily for me, those at San Antonio wanted me to share my simple message in true TED style. It turns out San Antonio has America’s largest Hispanic population that does not speak Spanish, so they were especially motivated to hear my story. Since I’m so grateful for the opportunity, I’ll forgive them for misspelling my name 😉

Since this was only my second time ever on stage like this, if you have any feedback make sure to let me know in the comments! This way I’ll improve the message in any future speaking engagements. If, however, you think this is the kind of quality you expect in a TED talk, please contact the TEDx team and let them know that so that they may consider putting it on the big TED! Being hosted as a TEDx video means that most of the people who view it will likely come from my website, but if big TED took it on, I could get this message in people’s iTunes stream, and on TEDs official Youtube account and main webpage.

Of course there are no sales pitches and not a single mention of my website on the video, since I wanted to focus only on the simple, but life-changing message that speaking a language is what makes a world of difference, not studying it.

To suggest this video for TED, just write a quick message to tedxtalks AT ted DOT com mentioning my name as the TEDxSanAntonio speaker, with the title “Rapid Language Hacking”, as perhaps a candidate for TED and hopefully they’ll consider it! To be honest, I really feel the TED stream needs something like this after their discouraging message about language learning somehow got shared. The stream needs some balance!

After sending the email, leave your thoughts in the comments below; really appreciate it! :)



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