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Japanese Numbers

Japanese Numbers: Counting in Japanese from 1-100+

written by Caitlin Sacasas

Japanese numbers 1-10: 1: 一 (いち‎‏‎, ichi), 2: 二 (に ‎‏‏‎, ni), 3: 三 (さん‎‏‏‎, san), 4: 四 (よん or し‎, yon or shi), 5: 五 (ご‎‏‏‎, go), 6: 六 (ろく‎‏‏‎, roku)...

Travel to Japan: The Must-Knows

written by Caitlin Sacasas

Looking to travel to Japan? There’s a lot to plan out. We’re here to share some great tips, travel hacks, and ways to save money on your trip.