#018 | Kerstin Cable on Slow Learning

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Kerstin Cable from the Fluent Language Blog shares her experience learning English to full fluency as a native German speaker, her method for acquiring new vocabulary and her long-term, slow approach to learning new languages.

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Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:

  • How the bigness of our world inspired Kerstin to learn languages
  • Learning English using 90s Brit-pop
  • Kerstin's curiosity and excitement for learning Welsh
  • Kerstin’s biggest challenges learning Mandarin
  • Using mnemonics and visual images to learn new vocabulary
  • How to find your language learning personality so you can find the right approaches and resources for you
  • How Kerstin takes language learning slow, studying only 2-3 hours a week
  • Kerstin’s top tips for language learners from her experience as a one-to-one language coach
  • How to choose the best language learning resources for you
  • Using handwriting in vocab notebooks as a memory strategy
  • How teaching German helps Kerstin feel like she knows the language better than ever
  • Kerstin’s German student immersion retreats
  • “Your solid vocab memory” – Kerstin's method of acquiring, memorizing, and reviewing vocabulary

Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy

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