#044 | Lizzy Rimington Shares Insider French Secrets from 30 Years Living in France

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In this episode, Benny and Elizabeth get the inside scoop on how to become a French cultural insider with Lizzy Rimington who has lived in France for the past 30 years.

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Episode Overview

Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:

  • Studying French at school and not actually learning the language
  • How living as an au pair kicked off Lizzy’s French understanding
  • How to integrate into French culture and build friendships
  • Why French etiquette is so important
  • Humor and how it can help you build relationships inner languages
  • The ways customer service is different in France than in other countries
  • What it’s like being vegetarian in France
  • What to do when the French insist on speaking English
  • When to use formal speech vs informal speech in French
  • Tips for getting French practice when you aren’t ready for a native speaker
  • Tricks you can use when you’re a beginner in a language

Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy