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Learn a Language with my Fluent in 3 Months Method

I’ve created my courses, webinars and ebooks to open up new worlds of language learning.

I’ll show you how to become a language hacker - so you'll know the faster, smarter ways to have confident conversations in your new language.

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Benny Lewis
Founder and CEO, Fluent in 3 Months


The Fluent in 3 Months Bootcamp

Have a 15-minute conversation after 90 days – or your money back.

Language Gym

Learn a language in five minute reps — and keep coming back for more.

Conversation Countdown

Have your first conversation with a native speaker after just 7-days – there's no turning back.

Courage to Speak

Find your natural confidence for languages with polyglot Shannon Kennedy.


The No English Method

Learn a new language in real conversations with native speakers – even as a complete beginner.

Escape Intermediate Hell

Break out of your language plateau – for good.

Time Hacking

Discover how to learn a language when you don't have time.

Why Learning Languages is Easier than You Think

Beat the common myths that hold back language learners and  get fired up to speak your new language.

Learn a Language While You Relax

Benny shares how he builds his language skills with Netflix, TikTok and Instagram.

Dabble Spanish

This webinar for beginner Spanish learners from Elizabeth Bruckner shows you how to make rapid progress and have fun along the way.

Multilingual Parenting

Shannon Kennedy shares how she makes languages part of her everyday family life.

Motivation Killers in Language Learning

Too many language learners quit after a week or too – get out of that funk and keep learning!

The Vocab Vault

How to Learn Vocabulary to Never Forget It

The Language Detective

Find compelling language content at the right level for you

200 Mistakes a Day Method

Take the pressure off and see your progress skyrocket

How to Find a Conversation Partner

The best way to learn a language is to speak it – in real conversations

The 60-Minute Language Learner

Powerful Insights from My Shortest Ever Language Mission

Level Up Your Listening

21 Basic Language Hacks Every Language Learner Should Know

Grammar Hijack

Skip the Rules to Learn Faster and Smarter


Why Spanish is Easy

Benny's guide on what makes Spanish easy to learn, so you can learn it faster and smarter.

Why French is Easy

Discover Benny's tips for learning French the easy way.

Why German is Easy

Benny learned advanced German in 3 months – in this guide he shares what made it simple for him to pick up.

Why Italian is Easy

Italian is a beautiful language to learn, and it's easy to get started – Benny shows you how.

Why English is Easy

Easy ways to improve your English skills, aimed at readers who know some English already.

Why Chinese is Easy

Learning Chinese doesn't have to be hard work when you know these shortcuts.

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