Language: Chinese

Chinese Tones: All You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

written by Caitlin Sacasas

Learning Chinese tones can seem like a big challenge. Chinese is already considered one of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn, and English doesn’t really have tones in the same way Chinese does. So how can we learn Chinese tones in a way that helps us start speaking Chinese fast? Well, it may come […]

#084 | Dr. Gu on Co-Writing ‘Language Hacking Mandarin’

written by The Duke

Northwestern University Professor and author, Dr. LiCheng Gu, has a conversation with Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy about co-authoring Language Hacking Mandarin, how language education has changed over the last 30 years, and why Chinese is easier than you think. Language Hacking Mandarin is available now. You can order it from your preferred retailer, online […]

Why Chinese is Easy

written by David Csere

Learning Chinese doesn’t have to be hard work when you know these shortcuts.

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