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My name is Benny Lewis. I travel the world and hack languages

When I was 21, I only knew how to speak English. I moved to Spain, tried for 6 months to learn Spanish, and failed.

But now, 11 years later, I’m a polyglot—a person who speaks over a dozen languages (including Spanish), and I run the world’s largest language learning blog, where I write about travel, languages, and productivity, and share my stories and language hacks with millions of people like you.

My new book, Fluent in 3 Months, discusses how I learn languages so quickly. It’s a non-academic guide for the everyday person who wants to learn, improve on, or master a new language quickly.

11 Non-stop years of travel

My focus when I take on a new language is to speak with natives. So I travel a lot. I try to immerse myself in the local culture, which leads to amazing experiences, personal connections, and also saves me a lot of money.

On my 10 year anniversary I made this video about my life lessons learned from those travels, which is an expansion of a blog post I wrote on my 8 year anniversary that went viral.

On my blog, you’ll see a lot about travel, whether it’s my favorite countries, strange habits I’ve adopted from travel, or finding love on the road—I cover it all.

Last year, I was named National Geographic’s traveler of the Year because of my emphasis on learning local languages when I travel.

What I do now

I try to help as many people learn languages as I can.

You can get a compressed version of my advice in my TEDx talk, and find many other language learning tips on this site.

I also speak to businesses and organizations about rapid learning, travel, and business.

Want more information?

To see more videos of me using my languages, check out my foreign language Youtube channel.

To see a list of all of my posts on the blog, chronologically, and for an overview of my cultural and travel updates, check out the site map.

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