Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

Introducing the best language learning system in the world: HB 2.0

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

What's the best language learning system?

So many people keep asking me this question, so I want to settle it once and for all.

It's not Rosetta Stone, it's not Pimsleur, it's not LingQ, it's not any book you can find in your local library, or any podcast that you can download.

If you have been wondering what you should invest in, today I am going to tell you the one system you should be using right from the start!

Years of experimentation in seeing those who apply this system immediately, and those who don't, have convinced me that there is no argument that this is the best language learning system you can ever get access to!

Look no further than HB 2.0!

HB is based on the most advanced technology on the planet. Unlike the competition, this system comes with the following automatically integrated:

  • Advanced voice recognition and feedback-based correction: get instant corrections on your mistakes as you make them!! This feedback is timed for only the most crucial mistakes in early stages, which will help you advance overall much quicker.
  • Context based recognition! Even if you do make mistakes, the system automatically adjusts for this and derives what you mean from the context – you are encouraged to attempt to do the same with the system yourself
  • Completely natural language, with an advanced memory bank of slang, idioms and cultural references
  • Pressure-based instant requirement to speak. This feature is challenging, but ensures that you will improve on your level quicker than you ever can in other learning systems.
  • An almost infinite database of interactive conversations: you'll never run out of material to work on!
  • Built-in positive reinforcement. This system automatically detects when you are running into difficulty and provides encouraging messages to get you back on track!
  • Completely portable!! You can access your HB system on-the-go! Use it on buses, trains, while going on walks, at social events, or from the comfort of your home.

Great! How can I get access to HB 2.0??

You'll be glad to hear that, unlike many language courses, using HB to progress in your target language won't break the bank!

Actually, it's very reasonably priced! Many times at worst it will cost you no more than the price of a coffee! In fact, I'm going to tell you how to get one (or several!) free of charge!

Many people think that using HB to improve their language skills is out of their reach. Let me reiterate that you do not need to go abroad to get a copy. HB designed especially for your target language is available just around the corner!

Isn't HB only for advanced users?

It is commonly believed that you should start with other systems before transitioning to HB 2.0 or that only “advanced” users should consider accessing it, and only when they feel “ready”. Some people even actively avoid HB at all costs as their strategy. They believe they are preparing themselves before upgrading.

This is simply not true – the features that I have listed above are not included in other learning systems and this makes them vastly inferior. You will always learn slower and more inefficiently if you use the totally unnatural and non-intuitive competition. Satisfied users of HB 2.0 will testify that it is a more efficient and practical application that produces quick and real results.

I have used HB 2.0 myself from the start in language missions (how I do so is explained in great detail here). There is no comparison.

Stop waiting, stop using inferior systems and invest in HB 2.0 today!!

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Fun-loving Irish guy, full-time globe trotter and international bestselling author. Benny believes the best approach to language learning is to speak from day one.

Speaks: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Esperanto, Mandarin Chinese, American Sign Language, Dutch, Irish

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