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Kung Fu: My experience learning about it in a Chinese farming village

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

[Click “CC” to activate subtitles in either English or in Chinese simplified/traditional. Those in China without a VPN can watch it on Youku]

After getting a train over 2,000km through China, chatting with random people and seeing pandas, meeting a Buddhist monk, and even climbing a mountainside staircase to a Buddhist temple to try and find a guru, one of the other experiences I wanted to have while in this country was of course to get exposure to some real Kung Fu!

Fi3M reader Anna and her husband Ilya invited me to come visit a farming village near the city of Haiyang to give me a chance to see a different side of China.

There, Master Lin sat down with us, had a great meal prepared for us, and chatted a little about how his dialect differs to standard Mandarin. Next, we went outside and he taught me some basic Kung Fu, which you can see in the video. I did a pretty poor job, but I appreciated his patience.

I hope you enjoy today's video, and thanks again for your votes! If you have any thoughts on what you see, let me know in the comments below!

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