#124 | Olly Richards on Creating the StoryLearning Method

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How can language learning happen through reading stories?

Olly Richards, creator of the Uncovered Language Courses, is back on the Language Hacking Podcast to answer the question above.

Olly shares his story and explains how he combined his background in education, his polyglot skills, and his passion for writing in order to make language learning more accessible to the everyday language learner. He explains how there is more to language learning than just passive absorption

Benny and Elizabeth encourage Olly to talk about the structure of his courses, how they cover microskills needed by beginners to build solid bases in a new language, and the struggle to find the right native tutor to support the courses’ development.

The discussion also covers Olly’s recently released intermediate-level Uncovered courses and how they follow the same methodology as his beginner courses.

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