Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

Tour of my home in Japanese after learning it for 2 weeks!

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

A little tradition I've kept up since starting the blog, is to give you a video tour of almost every place I temporarily call home! For instance, in English I showed you my penthouse in Rio, my lovely flat in Medellín, the flat around the corner from the Danube in Budapest, and the beach cottage I was renting in the Philippines.

But I've also added the language dimension doing a multilingual tour of my flat in Berlin, an ASL tour of my home in Austin Texas, a glance at where I was living in Amsterdam in Dutch, a tour of my flat in Brazil in Arabic, an incredibly slow look at my tiny studio in Taiwan in Mandarin, and the most ridiculous one of all, a tour of my home in Chicago in Klingon!

Of course, the places I live in are very affordable each and every time, and that's certainly the case for me now in Spain because I found it using local channels.


Keeping with that tradition, today you get to see my home in Valencia, but in Japanese!

As I explained for when I did a similar thing last year, you can do a lot for your language skills by learning a script off by heart, and a tour of my apartment just happens to be a script I like to learn off. My next video will probably also be scripted, and then I imagine all other ones for the rest of the project will be spontaneous conversations.

I made a few basic mistakes, but I pointed them out in the video as they happen. I also tried to have my thinking moments using Japanese sounding hesitations. If you have any feedback, other than the mistakes pointed out visually within the video already, let me know!

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