Earn from Your Passion: Jobs that Travel Around the World

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

Earn from Your Passion: Jobs that Travel Around the World

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

What if you could spend your whole life travelling?

How can you find jobs that travel the world?

When I check my inbox, I see many questions about language learning, and travel logistics, but one that comes up a lot is the question of how I afford to travel.

You don’t have to travel to learn languages, but if you decide you’d like to devote some time to exploring the world and focus on immersion abroad, you can’t help but be focused on one big question:

How can I afford to travel?

The truth is you don’t have to be rich to travel. You don’t need a rich uncle – or to win the lottery – even if you want to travel for years on end.

So, how can you make money while travelling? What are the best jobs that allow you to travel?

I’ve spent over 13 years travelling the world, and working as I go. That’s why I was thrilled to go into great detail into this when invited to speak at this year’s Polyglot Conference in New York. I packed absolutely everything I possibly could into this one presentation, and now it’s online and free for everyone to check out.

In this talk you’ll discover:

  • How you can turn language learning into a career
  • The first job I had as a polyglot – and how it allowed me to practise my polyglot skills
  • The different types of job that allow you to travel (including many you wouldn’t expect)
  • How you can use the Internet to access all kinds of new opportunities to earn a living
  • The money-mindset shift that makes it way easier to travel
  • How you can access specialist opportunities, without going back to college
  • Intensive, short study opportunities you can use to upgrade your earning potential

Watch it here:

Hope you enjoy the video. Let me know your biggest takeaway in the comments.

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